GMS Drama
Department Program

Why Join Drama Class


Advanced Drama

The Gardner Middle School drama department is comprised of four 7th grade beginning drama classes and one advanced class.

Beginning drama is an exciting class where students learn many essential acting techniques and working knowledge of a stage. Nine units of study are covered including: focus, voice, pantomime, emotion, characterization, improvisation, staging a show, and monologues.

Advanced drama is an audition-based class which focuses on a full-scale musical production each year. Students spend their time learning blocking, choreography and vocal scores. Our shows the result of a tremendous amount of detail, personalized coaching, and a rigorous schedule preparing our young actors for an exciting show schedule and improved confidence and teamwork.

Disney & Advanced Drama

Advanced drama students are encouraged to participate in this optional one-day Disney experience. Participants will have an exciting opportunity to work backstage with professional actors and or Disney cast/members in a 90-minute hands-on workshop. Students will ride a bus to and from the park and enjoy a day at either Disneyland or California Adventure.

We are very proud of the growth we see in our students each year, and believe every child can be show ready upon completion of the curriculum within the advanced drama program.

Drama Teacher & Booster Club Advisor

It is a pleasure for me to teach your children about the artistry, teamwork, and creativity involved in the performing arts. As a director, my philosophy is that the arts truly bring out the best in everyone, and the projects within each show, on the stage and beyond, require the kind of synergy that can be found nowhere else. It is this synergy that brings the great joy that is the arts. Working with young actors has provided me with the exciting opportunity to direct large-scale musical productions for our school and community. This has been a wonderful endeavour in my teaching career and has brought about a strong sense of accomplishment for all who are involved.

Choreographer & Vocal Coach

It is an honor for Gardner Middle School Advanced Drama to work with choreographer, Jodi Rerucha, and vocal coach, Christine Weimer, in our musical productions. Jodi and Christine both bring a wealth of performance knowledge and professional background to shows.